Café of Life

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635 East 2nd Ave

Durango CO 81301

P: 970.385.0321

Numerous conditions have healed as a result of our care. How can this be when all else has failed? Look within for there all the answers are found. When life is freed up through the correction of subluxation with a chiropractic adjustment the body naturally begins to heal. When the body loses its neurological connection to the brain it begins to break down. Cells replicate 2 1/2 million times per minute, without a proper signal from the brain our body begins to deteriorate. When the connection is reestablished between the brain and the body our body begins to regenerate itself. Hormones balance, posture aligns, senses sharpen, the mind becomes clear, and the body heals as a result of being more connected to itself.

Before the Cafe of Life so many people had begun their course in healthcare with symptoms and conditions in which there was seemly no cure. As a last ditch effort they decide to try us….

Why is it that too often Chiropractic is used as a last resort? Why is it that individuals have to be put through the medical ringer before finding a cure? We are a society that has been taught not to trust. When we ask a room full of people where does health come from? The response is almost automatic; “from within!” Yet how many of us actually believe this when the chips are down? When our health is in jeopardy we almost always look outside of ourselves for the answer. We try this potion or pill, cream or salve, and expect and hope for a miracle. So many times we find that the cure has only caused more conditions and we are now worse off than when we started.

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