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Have you ever been to a health care provider and their eyes light up when you tell them that you have great insurance or you get dismissed because you have little or no coverage? Studies show that physicians are now spending a significant amount of time and resources billing and fighting insurance companies. We believe that we can provide the best care and focus more on our patient's needs without being under the tight restrictions that insurance companies now require. We don't want lack of coverages or lack of finances standing between you and your health!

We understand that if you are paying for health insurance that you would like to use it. Most insurance plans only allow a certain amount of chiropractic visits based on the premium that you have paid for up front, NOT WHAT YOUR CHIROPRACTIC NEEDS ARE. Additionally, documentation required for insurance reimbursement often requires proof of pain management, whereas, our focus in this office is on optimizing your health, regardless of if you are in pain or not. We keep care affordable for you by keeping our rates comparable to OR CHEAPER THAN most insurance co-pays.






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